Sonali Acharjee

India is a land of cultural confluence,artistic heritage and esthetic exuberance. It has evolved a grand tradition of transcendental performing arts like dance. Odissi is a mellifluous Indian Classical dance of sublimity and elegance.

Sonali Acharjee is the epitome of devotion to her muse of Dance. A passion she has cherished since childhood to bloom with extraordinary beauty in her life. Sonali born in Hailakandi of Assam and dedicating herself to theDance from the tender age of 5, she has trained in Odissi Classical Dance at Cuttack under Late Guru Sri Raghunath Dutta. She has also gained exemplary skills in Rabindra Nritya under Prof. K. Jatindra Singh, Vishwabharathi, Shantiniketan. She has nurtured the art to the peaks of glory and has instilled and imparted her talent to many a fortunate disciple. In addition to her repertoire of dance forms of her region, she is also a talented and accomplished exponent of the Odissi Classical Dance, which she teaches in Hyderabad.

She has participated and won accolades for her spectacular performances in National and International Dance Festivals. Her landmark production Shyama - one of Rabindranath Tagore’s most famous dance ballets, adapted from Bengali into Telugu and Choreographed by Sonali Acharjee, was telecast on Doordarshan in 2003 and ever since it has gained rich popularity with frequent repeated telecasts, almost once every 3 months, till date.

Besides her several performances and dance ballets like Chitrangada, Shyama, Chandalika, Bhanu Shingar Padavali of Tagore. Her passion for Rabindra Nritya has inspired her to take up the longest Ravindra Marathan Dance is 25 hours and 25 minutes got her “Guinness World Record”, as a tribute to her idol. A Celebration of National Anthem - ‘Jana Gana Mana’ was organized and performed on 13 th Oct. 2012 on the occasion of CoP-11 on Biological Diversity at Hyderabad. It was a mind-blowing and memorable event with a huge audience appreciations. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has honored Sonali for organizing the celebration of 100+ of Jana gana mana in a grand manner.

Blessed with a graceful bearing and an amazing command on technical virtuosity, bhaava and taal, Sonali’s performances for more than two decades have been greatly appreciated by the Gurus, Vidvaans and connoisseurs within and outside the country. She has been deeply involved with the promotion and dissemination of the Indian cultural heritage in addition to teaching. Her talent is limitless, her enthusiasm and skill have no boundaries. Dance runs in her veins, Dance is her life’s aim and towards achieving global fame and recognition. As a great artiste, choreographer and guru she won many prestigious awards. She was performed in more than 2800 programmes in India and abroad like., Dubai, Bangladesh, New York, Atlanta, Los Angles, Newark, London etc., and a recipient of many National and International Awards and accolades.